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So today is 3.9.19 and I've offically set up a new blog for myself. Yay me.

Is where I will be blogging from now on.

See you there!

Today is 2.7.19

I've had a new release, part of an anthology along with other amazing authors at Twisted E-Publishing.

My story in there is titled, Hardwood Hearts and deals with two players on a college basketball team. 

They'd shared a night in Vegas but didn't realize who the other was until the day they did. I hope you enjoy my story as much as I had writing it.

I'm also putting together a series of 4 that I will be submitting to another publisher so look for more updates on that soon. 

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone if I don't get back before then. 

So today is 1.26.19

I'm working on my blog so bear with me while I get the kinks out.

I have a few plans to release more things, get more interactive with my readers and to grow as an author.

I do want to thank the ones who come by here and visit my site, it means a lot to me.

I wanted to update you all on what's going on in my series. I have plans for a lot more coming in the Ascension series, the troubles are increasing and more are getting involved, whether they wish to or not.

For the Mallo wolves, I have a few thoughts for a least a holiday one for them.

I do also have a series of four contemporary that I am working on as well, to be out at some point this year. 

All I have for the moment but check back. I admit freely that I am not the best at blogging but I am working to become better and more consistent at it. 

Happy Weekending!!


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