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Aidan Nelson and his new professor, Dale Keenan, start off on the wrong foot. Late to class, Aidan gets a dressing down before those gathered, and it’s not so fun. What is fun is the instant attraction between the two.
Dale doesn’t get involved with students, or at least he didn’t. Aidan is different. The slightly older student gets under his skin and makes him want things he believed he’d never want again.
Exploring what lies between them seems like a great idea but he begins wanting more. Will Aidan? Can the handsome student learn his future is with the professor?

Justin Sanders is a detective working undercover to avenge the death of his partner and bring down one of the largest crime families in the country, the Moretti’s. Hard to get in and harder to bring down, he’s a low-level dealer who has a thing with a man higher up the chain, Damon Jackson.

Damon’s real job is with the ATF but lately he’d been under in the Moretti family, doing what he could to bring the man down. Sure, there were things he hated doing while undercover but one thing he enjoyed was his boyfriend, Justin. It bothered him a bit to know that when the family went down, so would Justin, however, he wasn’t about to let that stop him from doing his job.

Theirs could have been a real relationship except for the lies between them. After the operation ends, Justin shows up where Damon works and the truth comes out. Can they progress forward from here? Or will it turn out to be something from undercover that never sees the light of day?

Mason Stanton was a rock star. One with a stalker. His manager assigns a man to him that is suddenly the star in all his fantasies. One afternoon everything changes.

Donavan Culpitt is used to guarding all sorts of people. What’s he isn’t used to is falling for his client. An unexpected discovery leads him and Mason on a new adventure. But things aren’t always meant to be and there are times when relationships can be torn apart. Will they find their happily ever after?


A one night stand leads to more when these two players discover they are actually on the same team. Will what they had, last?



Heat can scorch…

They shared a one explosive night together only to go their separate ways, but a party at a mutual friend’s house brings them back together once more. Delvin “Del” White never thought he’d see man he’d had for only one night then to find out he was also a firefighter in the same town, he has to decide what was more important to him.

Kenneth “Ken” Brand can’t believe his luck at seeing that man he couldn’t get out of his head from their shared night. Eager to take what he can get; he settles for out of the way hotel rooms and being a dirty secret. When that’s no longer enough for him something sinister from Del’s past returns, determined to keep them apart.

Will the heat between them be enough for them to weather what is coming their way?



Army Ranger Braxton Davidson hasn’t been home since he messed up his relationship with his best friend. However, this year he was heading home for the holiday. And it’s inevitable that he will run into him.

Travis Saunders is in love with his best friend. Or is that ex-best friend? He wasn’t sure anymore as they had a thing one night that Brax labeled as a mistake. When he sees him again, will things be the same? Will there be a chance for reconciliation?



Secrets refuse to stay buried.

Pulled in for an op he never wanted, Michael Little knows it won’t be a hardship to pretend interest in his target. What does prove difficult is knowing that when it’s over, he’ll have to walk away.

Radek Dionne has busted his ass to keep his name away from the shady dealings his family is involved in. Used to people wanting him either for those connections or due to him being a player in the NHL, he keeps to himself. Until one night when he meets someone who gets to him on a level he’s never expected.

But family has a way of showing up when you least want them to and his is no exception. Secrets are exposed and loyalties tested. Will they be together by Christmas, or has this last secret ruined any chance of a happy ever after?




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